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Personal Biography

I am Ellen Zhu, a California licensed real estate agent. I've been living in the Bay Area since 1998, and am very familiar with the real estate market in many different areas. With my extensive knowledge about the local market, and witnessing the market ups and downs, I am able to provide my clients high quality consultations with my in-depth analysis. Residential housing is not only my expertise- I am also experienced and affiliated with commercial real estate business. I have very solid understanding regarding legal issues, and keep myself educated with up-to-date by laws. My excellent analytical talent and great communication skills allow me a great negotiator.  Besides those, my passion about architecture design make me joyful in this hard working business. 

Most importantly I value integrity above all else. I am a trust worthy agent who always puts my clients' interests first. 

Before I moved to the Bay Area, I graduated from Tianjin University, and received my EE master degree from Duke University. I have been working in P&G China, and other S&P 500 high tech companies in Silicon Valley. I have a warm family that loves and cares are for our legacy. In my spare time I like jogging, reading, and arts. Contributing to my community by supporting and helping people is my passion and mission of my calling of life.

我是旧金山硅谷地区执照经纪人Ellen. 我在美国旧金山硅谷地区生活二十年,对当地房地产非常了解,并有丰富的住宅及商业地产投资买卖经验。对本地市场非常熟悉,见证了几十年来市场的起伏,我可以用深入的分析帮助您提供极有价值的地产顾问服务。我对法律知识有相当的了解,并且一直持续学习最新法规。我天分的分析能力及优异的沟通技巧,使我能够成为您得力的谈判代表。而我对建筑的热爱使我在这一辛苦的行业中,不仅可以坚持下去,而且还能获得享受。





English, Mandarin